Help Out


What is needed?

When refugees first arrive in Alberta, they need different types of support to build a new life. While the needs of each individual and family varies, generally the following items and donations will be needed.

  • Food
  • Affordable housing
  • Personal hygiene items (eg. soap, shampoo, toothbrush and tooth paste)
  • Good quality furnitures and household items
  • Good quality clothing (second hand or brand new)
  • Transportation support (eg. car seats, strollers, baby carriers)

Monetary donations

Since each individual refugee and family’s needs are different, the best way to help is to provide financial support. This can take the form of cash, electronic transfers, cheques or gift cards. Contact the Immigrant Serving Agency in your local area to find out about which methods will work best for them.


Refugees receive limited financial support which covers basic housing and living expenses. In certain areas of the province, it may be difficult for refugees to find affordable housing. If you have extra rooms or space available, consider contacting an Immigrant Serving Agency to rent it out at affordable prices to refugees.

Food & Clothing

The items needed by refugees are the same as those needed by other members of the community. While some Immigrant Serving Agencies accept these items, the majority partner with other charities to which refugees are referred. These organizations include local food banks and thrift stores. Call 211 to find out which charitable organizations are currently accepting donations.

Time & Compassion

Refugees are people who are new to this country. Other than materials goods, they are most in need of being welcomed. The best way to support them is to show them compassion and to give your time to volunteer to support them.