Help Out

Learn more about refugees and how you can contribute to the resettlement effort in Alberta

Learn About Refugees

Know The Facts

Misconceptions persist about refugees in Canada, from defining who is a refugee, to screening and government support. Satisfy your curiosity about what is true, what isn’t, and arm yourself with the truth!

Help To Educate Others

You can help Canada become a better place simply by educating your own friends and family about refugees. Now you can respond to that Facebook post with the right information, and links to support it! Not much of a writer? That’s okay. We have written message templates to help you respond respectfully to common misconceptions.

Refugee Alberta News

Read what is in the news about refugees in Alberta, as well as important provincial and federal government updates.



If you have the heart and the time, learn how you can make a difference to refugees in Alberta by volunteering.


Learn where to donate your money and time to help refugees in Alberta.

Sponsoring Refugees

With many different programs to choose from, any individual or organization can help by sponsoring refugees.