Canada where Refugees Want to Live

Many people complain that the housing market in the country is too expensive. According to a recent survey, 60 percent of Canadians say they cannot afford to buy a home within driving distance of work. The average price of a house in Canada is $440,000, and in Vancouver and Toronto it can cost up to $1 million.

The Canadian government recently introduced measures to cool the housing market in several cities, including Toronto and Vancouver. Local mayors have also imposed taxes on vacant homes in an effort to reduce real estate speculation. However, many Canadians feel the problem has not been solved and that their children will not be able to afford a home in their home country. "The high cost of housing is the biggest problem Canadians face," says Jedwab.


Weather is also a frequent source of the complaint. Canada is notorious for its cold winters and short summers. In some parts of the country, snow can fall as early as September and as late as the end of May.

Other complaints include high taxes. The top marginal tax rate in Canada is currently 43 percent, the third-highest in the world.

Character traits

"Canadians are very self-critical," said Jack Jedwab of the Canadian Studies Association. "It's part of our national character."

Despite the complaints, a recent poll showed that most Canadians are still proud to be Canadian. "Canadians have a lot to be proud of," Jedwab said. "We are a peaceful, tolerant and prosperous country." In fact, when Canadians were asked to name the things they like most about Canada, most respondents named our Canadians freedoms and our peaceful, welcoming nature. Canada seems like a great country to live in. People with a hot temper like to take risks and easily communicate with people of other nationalities. That's why everyone wants to go to Canada.

The most popular entertainment

What all Canadians have in common is a love of casinos. They flock to them in droves, no matter what province or territory they live in. The lure of gambling and the prospect of getting rich is simply too strong for some people to resist.

For Ontario, the casino business is a key component of its gaming strategy and quite possibly one of the most profitable businesses in the province. OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation) has set its sights on expanding operations in the 416 area and in East Windsor.

The plan is to build two new casinos, one in Toronto's Fairgrounds and one in East Windsor, just across the border from Detroit. The latter casino will be built on several acres of land across from the Caesars Casino Hotel in Windsor.

OLG predicts its revenues will reach $4 billion by 2017-2018, a significant increase from last year's budget of $3.3 billion. This growth is mainly due to revenue from two new casinos, as well as the addition of table games to existing gambling establishments across Ontario. OLG's website says all of its "gambling modernization initiatives" support core stakeholder values, which include: jobs and economic improvement, customer choice and satisfaction, social responsibility, and increased revenue for Ontario.

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