Improve Your Capacity to Serve Refugees

Settlement & Integration Sector

These resources address ways to keep women, and especially women with children, active and engaged in the resettlement process.

Educational Curriculum Manual: Employment Training for Low Literacy Immigrant Women

Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (CIWA) – This comprehensive resource manual is written for teachers and administrators looking to provide low literacy immigrant women with skills and training necessary for employment.

Civic Engagement for Immigrant Women

CIWA – This resource manual is intended to provide immigrant women with information regarding civic participation and community activism.

Resources addressing the needs of refugee children & youth, trauma, and gaps in education.

Caring for Syrian Refugee Children: A Program Guide for Welcoming Young Children and Their Families

Childminding Monitoring Advisory & Support (CMAS) – This guide provides knowledge and tools for settlement practitioners, to better understand and respond to the unique experiences and needs of Syrian children.

Helping Refugee Children Cope with Stress

CMAS – A tip sheet on how to recognize and provide support for refugee children and youth who are experiencing stress due to trauma.

Mentoring Immigrant and Refugee Youth

MENTOR – A comprehensive toolkit, which provides the necessary information to build successful high-quality mentoring relationships for different categories of immigrant youth.

Guidelines for Mentoring with Immigrant and Refugee Children and Youth

Alberta Mentoring Partnership – This guide is a condensed version of the Mentoring Immigrant and Refugee Youth toolkit, relevant to the Alberta context.

Resources to help service providers identify, reach out and connect clients with supports.

Working with Refugees with Complex Needs

Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies (AAISA) – An online course for Settlement Practitioners on working with refugees with complex needs.

Supporting Immigrant Children with Special Needs and their Families

CMAS – A tip sheet providing information on how to approach and manage relationships with families who have children with special needs.

Improving Access to Developmental Services for Newcomer Families

Community Living Toronto & Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI) – A webinar discussing obstacles newcomers with disabilities face, and how to improve access to services that address these needs.

Supporting Newcomers with Disabilities

Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Services Agencies (AMSSA) – A Migration Matters information sheet, which discusses the barriers to accessing settlement services for newcomers to Canada with disabilities, and how settlement practitioners can improve their accessibility.

Access to Immigrant Settlement Services for People with Disabilities

OCASI Learn at Work – A self-directed online course for Settlement Practitioners to learn more about the barriers that newcomers with disabilities experience.

This section includes resources to help settlement workers create a welcoming environment for LGBTQ newcomers, and to better connect them with local supports.

Provisioning Settlement Services for LGBTQ Newcomers to Edmonton

Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers  (EMCN) – EMCN’s preliminary research seeks to identify concerns and needs of LGBTQ newcomers to Canada, and to suggest ways settlement services can begin to address these issues to facilitate success in Canadian society.

Resources for settlement workers on how to deal with client trauma, PTSD, and depression.

Managing Practitioner’s Stress and Burnout

AAISA – An online management training course for settlement professionals.

Journey to Promote Mental Health: A Training Series for Community Workers

OCASI Learn at Work – A self-directed online course that addresses the unique challenges that immigrants and refugees face that may increase their risk of developing mental health difficulties.

Re-thinking mental health practice for refugees

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) – A webinar which contextualizes refugees’ mental health needs, and discusses how attention to settlement issues provides the most important “treatment” to promote mental health and recovery among refugees.

Syrian Refugees Six Months After Arrival: Resettlement Factors Affecting Mental Health & Well-being

CAMH – A webinar discussing Syrian refugees’ resettlement process as it relates to mental health needs. This presentation shares the experiences of Settlement Practitioners working with newly arrived Syrian refugees, and offers recommendations for service providers.

The Educational and Mental Health Needs of Syrian Refugee Children

Migration Policy Institute – A report that explores the well-being and development of children in refugee families across a range of disciplines. Highlights the need for providing Syrian refugee children with education and proper mental health care.

Promoting Mental Health for Immigrants and Refugees

Cultures West – A toolkit that discusses several mental health issues as they relate to immigrants and refugees. This resource provides Settlement Practitioners with the tools they need to help address these issues, while breaking through taboos and stigmas.

Resources to help service providers increase responsiveness during international humanitarian crises, and close gaps in case management.

Lessons in Refugee Resettlement (Webinar)

University of Calgary – With so many people fleeing their countries in the face of violence, aggression and conflict, the question of how to resettle people successfully in their new homelands has become more important than ever before. Julie Drolet, associate professor in the Faculty of Social Work’s Central and Northern Alberta Region, presented a webinar on January 17, 2017, on strategies that contribute to the successful resettlement of refugees in a new country.

AAISA Settlement Practitioner Training

AAISA – Online and in-person courses range from conducting client needs assessments to working with individuals, families and refugees with complex needs.

Refugee Continuum of Care Alberta

AAISA – In 2016, AAISA compiled service maps outlining the key phases for refugee movement and resettlement in the municipal continuum of care. See service maps for each city below:

Migration Matters Info Sheets

AMSSA – The Migration Matters Info Sheets are two-page fact sheets that summarize statistics, expert analysis, and research materials on a range of settlement and integration topics from supporting newcomers with disabilities, to Migrant Mental Health.

Learn at Work

OCASI – A collection of online courses on topics ranging from financial management to refugee and immigration law.

Resources to increase organizational capacity to recruit, onboard, and retain volunteers.

Basics are the Building Blocks: Recruitment, Retention & Recognition of Volunteers

Propellus – A Calgary Workshop hosted by Propellus in March 2017. Will cover the basics of volunteer engagement, recruitment and retention tactics, and best practices for managing volunteers.

Volunteer Alberta

Courses, webinars and workshops on topics ranging from volunteering screening to communication strategies, are available across the province.

Virtual Collaboration for Volunteer Managers and Boards of Directors

Charity Village – Webinars are offered regularly on various capacity building topics, including volunteer engagement.

Canadian Code for Volunteer Engagement

Volunteer Canada – A practice guide to help guide the development of volunteer programs.

Volunteer Management Handbook: A Resource for Service-Providing Organizations Assisting Newcomers to Canada

Volunteer Canada – This handbook provides a general overview of the volunteer management process with a focus on volunteers supporting newcomers. Use this handbook as a road map to create or update policies, procedures and practices to fit your organization.

Best practices for interacting with the media and how to generate media attention.

How to Deal with the Media

Know How Non-Profit – Many not-for-profit organizations do not have a designated marketing & communications team, or even a single team member with this expertise. This article offers nine tips on how the media works, how to interact with journalists, and how to pitch your story to the media.

How to Format a News Release

Non-Profit MarCommunity – A template that outlines the basic elements of a news release in order to maximize media coverage.

Best practices for social media use by non-profits.

A Strategic Guide for Social Media for Non-Profits

Sprout Social – A step-by-step guide on connecting to the right networks for your organization, building audience personas, and even creating a social media content calendar.

Social Media

Charity Village – Webinars are available on all aspects of content marketing for non-profits, from using social media to engage volunteers, to creating and sustaining a blog.

Social Media Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations

Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research – A comprehensive guide designed to help non-profit organizations adopt social media strategies that are both effective and sustainable, given their resource limitations. Topics range from how to establish a voice on social media, to interacting online, and evaluating your organization’s social media strategy.

Creating a Social Media Policy

Techsoup Canada – This article deciphers the components of what makes a good social media policy – to guide social media use for staff, define the line between personal and professional, and mitigate risk before any problems arise.

Outside the sector

Resources for employers/business owners on how to onboard refugees as employees, interns or volunteers; as well as invest in refugee talent.

Onboarding Syrian Refugees

Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council (ERIEC) – A toolkit to help assist employer’s with culturally sensitive hiring and retention practices as well as boost their ability to create more inclusive workplaces.

Getting Started: Investing in Refugee Talent (Canada)

Hire Immigrants – An article outlining key considerations when hiring refugees.

Employer Roadmap

Hire Immigrants – A step-by-step guide with comprehensive strategies and tools to enhance your company’s human resources planning and practice — from recruiting to retaining and integrating skilled immigrants.

Cultural Diversity Services

Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS) – Resources for employers/business owners to increase cultural awareness and be more culturally inclusive in the workplace (Southern Alberta).

Resources for health care providers on how to provide services to refugee populations.

Interim Federal Health Program

Citizenship and Immigration Canada – Information on IFHP coverage, patient eligibility and billing, for health-care professionals. An IFHP handbook is also available.

Refugee – Information for Health Professionals

Alberta Health Services – Information for health professionals, including mental health, resource packages, interpretation, cultural information and billing.

Calgary Refugee Health

Mosaic Refugee Health & CCIS – A resource for refugee patients in Calgary and Southern Alberta, as well as their clinicians. Includes information about funding, billing, cultural profiles and evidence-based checklists that cover refugee health issues.

Health Profile on Immigrant and Refugee Children and Youth in Canada

Canadian Institute of Child Health (CICH) – This online module describes the overall health status immigrant and refugee children and youth up to 24 years of age. It identifies preventable conditions and diseases, and explores the question of cultural discordance and how this might influence health and well-being.

Syrian Refugee Information Package for Addiction & Mental Health Professionals

Alberta Health Services (AHS) – This information package contains a list of useful resources for Addiction and Mental Health professionals working with the Syrian refugee population.

Welcoming Syrian Refugees – Resources for Pharmacists

Canadian Pharmacists Association – Resources for pharmacists explaining the IFHP coverage, as well as tips on how to communicate with patients.

Resources for educators on how to provide services to refugee populations – child & youth as well as adult.

Safe and Caring Schools for Newcomer Students

Alberta Teachers’ Association – A guide providing teachers with the tools necessary to create a welcoming environment for newcomer students.

Anti-Racism Resource Kit (2nd Ed)

Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre – A resource kit that brings together anti-racism teaching resources, as well as an evaluation tool that can be used by teachers and students to examine current books and lesson plans through an anti-racism lens.

Students from Refugee Backgrounds: A guide for Teachers and Schools

BC Ministry of Education – A guide for teachers and other school personnel to welcome and support  refugee students and families.

Resource Guide for Supporting Children with Refugee Experience

Surrey Welcoming Communities Project – A guide for school staff and other professionals to assist in their understanding of refugee children’s experiences.

Helping Students Deal with Trauma Related to Geopolitical Violence & Islamophobia

OCASI – A guide for educators to help them understand the impact of Islamophobia on Syrian children here in Canada and the trauma they have experienced abroad.

Refugee Children with Low Literacy Skills of Interrupted Education: Identifying Challenges and Strategies

The Spring Institute – A guide for teachers, which discusses and provides strategies to address the needs of low literacy refugee students.

Resources for landlords on providing affordable rental accommodations for newcomers to Canada.

Welcoming Canada’s Newest Tenants

Canadian Apartment Magazine – This article out of Ontario, identifies the most common human rights code violations landlords commit, and what they can and should do when screening prospective tenants.

Rental Housing and Health in Alberta

AHS – An introduction to the Alberta Housing Regulation and Minimum Housing and Health Standards.

Laws for Landlords and Tenants in Alberta

Residential Tenancies Legal Information Program – A website that provides plain language information on housing law in Alberta.

Offering Rental Accommodations to Refugees in Edmonton and Red Deer

Catholic Social Services (CSS) – Fill out this online screening form if you have available rental accommodations for Syrian refugees in Edmonton or Red Deer.

Tenant Building Rules (English/Arabic)

Immigrant Services Society of BC – The Refugee Readiness Hub of ISS provides a English/Arabic info graphic for new tenants to learn about tenant rules.

Affordable Housing for Refugees is a Major Challenge

Policy Options – This article sheds light on the challenges newcomers to Canada face when accessing affordable and appropriate housing. Includes links on housing studies in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Resources to guide collaboration and partnership opportunities between local government and settlement organizations to expand and increase supports for newcomers.

AUMA Housing Hub

Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) – The housing hub is a central source of information, resources, and strategies that can assist elected officials and administrators of Alberta’s small and mid-sized municipalities to address issues of housing affordability.

FCM Task Force on Refugee Resettlement

Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) – Examples of local government-community initiatives and useful links.

Starting on Solid Ground: The Municipal Role in Immigrant Settlement

FCM – How municipalities can partner in immigrant settlement and welcome new Canadians.

Welcoming Communities

FCM – A toolkit for municipal government, highlighting eight actions that municipalities can take to create more welcoming communities.

Better Together: A Guide for Charity / Non-Charity Partnerships

Community Foundations of Canada – A handbook to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of charity and non-charity partnerships.

Resources for law enforcement on how to provide services to refugee populations, and capacity building resources for legal professionals.

Helping Clients with Legal Issues

Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta – A guide intended for frontline service providers in Alberta who work with vulnerable individuals, including immigrants and refugees. It provides general legal information on Alberta law.

Hearing Preparation Kit

The University of Ottawa Refugee Assistance Project – A toolkit designed to provide general legal information to assist refugee claimants and those assisting them.

Refugee lawyer practice manual: Representing claimants before the Refugee Protection Division

Legal Aid Ontario – A manual intended to guide best practices for lawyers and supervised paralegals representing refugee claimants before the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) of the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB).

Resources for media to learn more about the international refugee crisis, immigrant serving agencies in Alberta, and tips on interviewing refugees and asylum-seekers.

The language of migration: refugee vs. migrant

Poynter Institute – This article clarifies the difference between a migrant and a refugee.

Reporting on Refugees – Guidance by & for Journalists

UNHCR/Irish Refugee Council – Asylum and immigration remain controversial, newsworthy topics about which people have strong opinions. The UNHCR has compiled a guide on frequently asked questions, and tips for interviewing refugees & asylum-seekers, to ensure accurate and balanced coverage.

Ethical Reporting on Migration and Refugee Crisis

European Federation of Journalists – A collection of best practices and interviewing tips when reporting on migrants and refugees.

Program/ServiceAgencyService TypeLocationSub CategoryAAISA MemberIRCC FundedDonations (Goods or $)Volunteer CentreTelephoneWebsite
Medical Device Reprocessing TechnicianABESEmploymentCalgaryN(403) 232-8758
Medical Device Reprocessing Technician Program for Internationally Educated ProfessionalsABESLanguageCalgaryN403-
Building Inspection and MaintenanceAcademy of LearningEmploymentCalgaryN1-855-978-3988
AccountingAcademy of Learning Calgary NE and Calgary SouthLanguageCalgaryN403- 569-8973
Accent on Canadian English (ACE) Training ProgramAccent on Canadian English ProgramLanguageCalgaryN403-
ESL Bible StudyAGAPÉ Language CentreLanguageCalgaryN403- 516-1846
ApprenticeshipAlberta Apprenticeship and Industry TrainingEmploymentCalgaryN1-800-248-4823
Professional Development Program (PDP)Alberta Association of ArchitectsEmploymentCalgaryN(780) 432-0224 Ext: 218
Power Engineer's Certification ProgramAlberta Boiler Safety AssociationEmploymentCalgaryN(780) 437-9100
Childcare SubsidyAlberta Human ServicesChildren and
Employment, Training and Career Services DirectoryAlberta Human Services - Alberta WorksEmploymentCalgaryN1-877-644-9992
In-Training ProgramAlberta Institute of AgrologistsEmploymentCalgaryN1-855-435-0606 and 780-435-0606
Insurance EducationAlberta Insurance CouncilEmploymentCalgaryN(403) 233-2929
Settlement and Integration ServicesAlberta Integration Centre (AIC)SettlementCalgaryY(403) 909-9557
Careers in Land SurveyingAlberta Land SurveyorsEmploymentCalgaryN780-429-8805
Capacity AlbertaAlberta Network of Immigrant WomenEmploymentCalgaryN403.262.8040
JobsAlberta Society of Professional BiologistsEmploymentCalgaryN+1 403-264-1273
WorkshopsAlberta Women EntrepreneursEmploymentCalgaryN1-800-713-3558
Workshops and Courses to Improve Safety & CommunicationAlberta Workforce Essential Skills SocietyEmploymentCalgaryN1-403-865-0944
1000 VoicesAspen Family ServicesCommunityCalgaryN403-930-3370
Outreach Events and Career PresentationsAssociation of Professional Engineers, and GeoscientistsEmploymentCalgaryN403-262-7714 and 888-262-3688
Mentoring PartnershipsAssociation of Science & Engineering Tech. Professionals of AlbertaEmploymentCalgaryN780.425.0626
Professional DevelopmentAssociation of the Chemical Professionals of AlbertaEmploymentCalgaryN780-413-0004
Education and Career PlanningAthabasca UniversityEmploymentCalgaryN(780) 675-6725
English Language SkillsAthabasca
Youth VenturesBGS Career and Corporate DevelopmentLanguageCalgaryN403-
Community ResourcesBow Valley CollegeCommunityCalgaryN403-410-1400 | 1-866-428-2669 (Toll Free)
BVC Testing CentreBow Valley CollegeEmploymentCalgaryN403-410-1909
Adult UpgradingBow Valley CollegeLanguageCalgaryN403-
Beltline Youth CentreBoys & Girls Clubs of CalgaryEmploymentCalgaryN403-263-7934
Building Information ModelingBredin Centre for LearningEmploymentCalgaryN (403) 261-5775 and 1-888-415-4968
Admissions and Multicultural ServicesCalgary Board of Education (CBE)EducationCalgaryN403.
In School Settlement ProgramCalgary Bridge Foundation for YouthEmploymentCalgaryY403-230-7745
Margaret Chisholm Resettlement CentreCalgary Catholic Immigration SocietyInitial ReceptionCalgaryYY(403)
Immigrant Youth Outreach Project (IYOP)Calgary Catholic Immigration SocietyChildren and YouthCalgaryY 403.268.8131
Community Connections for NewcomersCalgary Catholic Immigration
Canada Safeway Recruitment ProjectCalgary Catholic Immigration SocietyEmploymentCalgaryY403.515.5860
Refugee Health & WellnessCalgary Catholic Immigration SocietyHealthCalgaryY403.262.
Integrated Services ProgramCalgary Catholic Immigration
Engineering & Technology Upgrading ProgramCalgary Catholic Immigration SocietyLanguageCalgaryYY403-
Co-Parenting After Divorce (One-on-One)Calgary Catholic Immigration SocietySupport
ESL AssessmentCalgary Catholic School
Stepping Stones ProgramCalgary Chinese Community Service AssociationLanguageCalgaryN403- 462-9131
CounsellingCalgary Counselling ServicesHealthCalgaryNY403.265.4980
Free 3-Week Employment TrainingCalgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre SocietyEmploymentCalgaryN403-699-8283
Affordable HousingCalgary Housing CompanyHousingCalgaryN587.390.1200
ADVANCED ACCOUNTINGCalgary Immigrant Educational SocietyEmploymentCalgaryY(403) 235-3666
Advanced Computer: MS OfficeCalgary Immigrant Educational SocietyLanguageCalgaryYY403- 235-3666
Care for Newcomer ChildrenCalgary Immigrant Educational SocietyChildren and YouthCalgaryYY(403) 291-0002
Human Rights WorkshopsCalgary Immigrant Educational SocietySupport ServicesCalgaryYY(403) 235-3666
Welcome Resources Information Program (WRIP)Calgary Immigrant Educational Society (Welcome Centre for New Immigrants)LanguageCalgaryYY403-
Intake, Settlement and Referral ServicesCalgary Immigrant Women’s AssociationSettlementCalgaryYY(403) 263-4414
Accounting Software Training programCalgary Immigrant Women’s AssociationLanguageCalgaryYY403- 263-4414
ext. 155
Empowered to Achieve: Culture, Confidence, ConnectionCalgary Immigrant Women’s AssociationCommunityCalgaryYY
Legal ClinicCalgary Immigrant Women’s AssociationSupport ServicesCalgaryYY403.263.4414
Youth ProgramCalgary Immigrant Women’s AssociationChildren and YouthCalgaryYY
Connecting Immigrant Women from Southern Alberta to Breast Health Education and ServicesCalgary Immigrant Women’s AssociationHealthCalgaryYY(403) 263-4414
Bridging the Gap for Foreign Trained AccountantsCalgary Immigrant Women's AssociationEmploymentCalgaryY(403) 263-4414
"Welcome Home" HampersCalgary InterFaith Food BankSupport ServicesCalgaryN403.253.2059
Using English in Conversation and Canadian LifeCalgary International Learning CentreLanguageCalgaryN403-
Immigration Law ProgramCalgary Legal Aid/Legal GuidanceSupport ServicesCalgaryN1.866.382.7253
Welcome to Canada: Summer Camps and Family IdeasCalgary Public LibraryCommunityCalgaryN403.777.6074
Welcome to Canada: Mentoring - Starting your Career in CanadaCalgary Public LibraryEmploymentCalgaryN403.777.6074
ESL Teen TalkCalgary Public LibraryLanguageCalgaryN403- 260-2620
Financial Benefits at RetirementCalgary Public LibraryFinanceCalgaryN403.260.2620
Welcome to Canada: Parenting your Children in a Dual LanguageCalgary Public LibrarySupport ServicesCalgaryN403.777.6074
International TalentCalgary Region Immigrant Employment CouncilEmploymentCalgaryN(403) 410-3211
Public TransportationCalgary TransitSupport ServicesCalgaryN403-262-1000
Public Legal EducationCalgary Workers Resource CentreEmploymentCalgaryN403-264-8100, ext. 27
Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB)Canada Revenue AgencyFinanceCalgaryN1.800.387.1193
Accredited ProgramsCanadian Information Processing Society of AlbertaEmploymentCalgaryN780-431-9311
Migrant and Refugee ServicesCanadian Red CrossHealthCalgaryN(403) 541-6100
Athletes Mentoring ProgramCatholic Family ServicesCommunityCalgaryN403.233.2360
Motherhood MattersCatholic Family ServicesSupport ServicesCalgaryN403.233.2360
Never Too LateCatholic Family ServicesEducationCalgaryN403.233.2360
4th Class Power Engineering Training ProgramCCIS OGTPEmploymentCalgaryN(403) 514-8328
Community Activities / Activités communautairesCentre Accueil Nouveaux Arrivants Francophones (CANAF)CommunityCalgaryY403-532-6334
Housing & Furniture Support / Recherche de logement & Fournitures et meublesCentre Accueil Nouveaux Arrivants Francophones (CANAF)HousingCalgaryYY403-532-6334
School System Orientation / Systeme scolaireCentre Accueil Nouveaux Arrivants Francophones (CANAF)SettlementCalgaryYY403-532-6334
IT Resource Center, Centre de ressourcesCentre Accueil Nouveaux Arrivants Francophones (CANAF)Support ServicesCalgaryY403-532-6334
Summer Camp / Camps de vacancesCentre Accueil Nouveaux Arrivants Francophones (CANAF)Children and YouthCalgaryY403-532-6334
Tax Clinics / Clinique des impôtsCentre Accueil Nouveaux Arrivants Francophones (CANAF)FinanceCalgaryY403-532-6334
LINC Home Study - CanadaCentre for Education & TrainingLanguageCalgaryN1-800- 668-1179 ext. 1294
Children's Settlement - Colour our WorldCentre for NewcomersSettlementCalgaryYY
Business Communications for AccountantsCentre For NewcomersEmploymentCalgaryY403.569.3339
Computer Literacy TrainingCentre for
Youth Program - Real MeCentre for NewcomersChildren and YouthCalgaryY
CPA Alberta MentorshipCertified General Accountants of AlbertaEmploymentCalgaryN780-424-7391, or toll free 1-800-232-9406.
Daytime CELPIP Preparation ClassCheckMark Learning CentreLanguageCalgaryN403-
CBE Office Administration Certificate Program (OACP)Chinook Learning ServicesEmploymentCalgaryN403-777-7550
Certificates of RecognitionChinook Learning ServicesEmploymentCalgaryN403-777-7550
Academic Upgrading/High School CreditChinook Learning Services - Calgary Board of EducationLanguageCalgaryN403-777-7272
ext. 2433
Calgary welcomes newcomersCity of CalgaryCommunityCalgaryN​311
403-268-CITY (2489) if calling from outside Calgary
Programs and services for children and youthCity of CalgaryChildren and YouthCalgaryN​311
403-268-CITY (2489) if calling from outside Calgary
Fair Entry ProgramCity of CalgarySupport ServicesCalgaryN​311
403-268-CITY (2489) if calling from outside Calgary
Academic Upgrading (Essential Skills Upgrading – Day Program)Columbia CollegeEmploymentCalgaryN1-403-235-9300
Academic Upgrading (AU) (Full-time/ Part-time)Columbia CollegeLanguageCalgaryN403- 235-9300
Francophone Client HelpConnexion CarriereEmploymentCalgaryN587-390-6262
Mentorship for immigrant professionalsCorporate Readiness Training ProgramEmploymentCalgaryN403-410-3211
CAREER COACHING SUPPORTDirections for Immigrants in Trades and Professional Careers and Health Career CentreEmploymentCalgaryN403-770-5155 and 1-877-297-2553
Free Professional CounsellingDistress CentreSupport ServicesCalgaryN403.266.4357
Online Course ResourceeCampus AlbertaEmploymentCalgaryN
Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Practice (BA)ECO CanadaEmploymentCalgaryN403-233-0748 and 1-800-890-1924
Calgary and Regional Court ProgramsElizabeth Fry Society of CalgaryEmploymentCalgaryN403.294.0737 x224
Classroom TrainingEmployMe CalgaryEmploymentCalgaryN403-235-4740 /1.888.388.4217
Pronunciation Power - e.ENGLISHEnglish Computerized Learning
Ethno-Cultural Council of CalgaryCommunityCalgaryNY(403) 263 9900
Ethno-Cultural Council of CalgaryChildren and YouthCalgaryNY(403) 263 9900
Ethno-Cultural Council of CalgaryHealthCalgaryNY(403) 263 9900 ext. *2723
Coaching for High Impact CommunicationEquilibrium SchoolEmploymentCalgaryN403-283-1111
GED Test Preparation ProgramEquilibrium SchoolLanguageCalgaryN403-283 -
Level 1 & 2 on-site Business English CoursesESL4WORK Inc.LanguageCalgaryN403
Financial LiteracyFurther Education SocietyEmploymentCalgaryN403.250.5034
Calgary Community Family Literacy ProgramFurther Education Society (FESA)
moMENTumFuturpreneur CanadaEmploymentCalgaryN403 265 2923
Academic PreparationGEOS Languages Plus - CalgaryLanguageCalgaryN403-
English for BusinessGlobal Village English CentreEmploymentCalgaryN+1 403 543 7300
CELTA Teacher TrainingGlobal Village English CentresLanguageCalgaryN403- 543-7300
IAF LoanImmigrant Access Fund CanadaEmploymentCalgaryN(403)228-9981 ext. 221 and 1-855-423-2262
Building Inclusive CommunitiesImmigrant Services CalgaryCommunityCalgaryY
SettlementImmigrant Services CalgarySettlementCalgaryY(403) 265-1120
Integrated Mentorship ProgramImmigrant Services CalgaryEmploymentCalgaryY(403) 265-1120
MAPLE 2.0 Mentorship In ActionImmigrant Services CalgaryEmploymentCalgaryY403.265.1120 ext. 251
Citizenship Education ProgramImmigrant Services CalgaryLanguageCalgaryYY403- 265-1120
ext. 275
Family Support ServicesImmigrant Services Calgary - Mosaic Family Resource CentreSupport ServicesCalgaryY(403) 265-6093
WebinarsInstitute of Certified Management Consultants of AlbertaEmploymentCalgaryN416-860-1515 | Toll Free: 800-268-1148
English in the Workplace
Entrepreneurial Programs
Jarmics & Associates
EDUCATION SERVICESJewish Family Service Calgary (JFSC)EmploymentCalgaryY403.287.3510
Resettlement and Integration ProgramJewish Family Service Calgary (JFSC)SettlementCalgaryY403.287.3510
CounsellingJewish Family Service Calgary (JFSC)HealthCalgaryY403.287.3510
Assist ProgramLaw Society of AlbertaEmploymentCalgaryN1-877-737-5508 (toll free) and 403-537-5508 (in Calgary)
List of Legal ClinicsCalgary Legal GuidanceSupport ServicesCalgaryN403-234-9266
Do you need a Learning Coach?Literacy for Life FoundationEmploymentCalgaryN403.652.5090
Employment and Life Skills ProgramMaking Changes AssociationEmploymentCalgaryN403-262-5776
General EnglishMaple Leaf AcademyLanguageCalgaryN403- 262-8851
Bridges to SuccessMcBride Career Group Inc.EmploymentCalgaryN403-777-5627
Bridges to SuccessMcBride Career Group Inc.LanguageCalgaryN403- 777-5627
ABCs of Small BusinessMomentumEmploymentCalgaryN403.204.2671
ABC’s Small BusinessMomentumLanguageCalgaryN403- 204-2671
Programs & ServicesMosaic Refugee Health ClinicHealthCalgaryN403.569.7251
Academic Upgrading and Open StudiesMount Royal UniversityEmploymentCalgaryN403.440.6282
English for Academic PurposesMount Royal UniversityLanguageCalgaryN403- 440-5100
ICU2NeighbourLink CalgarySupport ServicesCalgaryN403.209-1930
Newcomer Guide to CalgaryCommunityCalgaryN
Job Search Services ProgramOpportunities KnockEmploymentCalgaryN(403) 303-4438
Job BoardReach hireEmploymentCalgaryN
Business ProgramsReeves CollegeEmploymentCalgaryN800-670-4512
Technology programsRobertson CollegeEmploymentCalgaryN(587) 794-4476
Health, Business, Legal, Travel, Accounting, AdministrationRobertson CollegeLanguageCalgaryN403-
ACADEMIC UPGRADINGSAIT PolytechnicEmploymentCalgaryN403.210.5756
Academic Upgrading OfficeSAIT PolytechnicLanguageCalgaryN403-210-5756
Services for Families and ChildrenService CanadaFinanceCalgaryN+1 800-622-6232
Services for People with DisabilitiesService CanadaSupport ServicesCalgaryN+1 800-622-6232
Semi-Intensive and IntensiveSol Schools
Job SeekersSORCeEmploymentCalgaryN1-403-244-3012
Programs and servicesSunrise Community Link Resource CentreEmploymentCalgaryN(403) 204-8280
Education & Training ProgramsSupply Chain Management AssociationEmploymentCalgaryN1-866-610-4089 x222
The Institute of Accent ModificationThe Institute of Accent ModificationLanguageCalgaryN403-
Employment servicesThe Mustard SeedEmploymentCalgaryN403-269-1319
Accent ReductionTongue Twisters: Canadian Accent
A day on the JobTOWESEmploymentCalgaryN403.410.3200 or 1.877.410.3023
Arts Co-operative Education ProgramUniversity of CalgaryEmploymentCalgaryN403-210-8509
International Foundations Program (IFP) - EAP + Degree (Undergraduate)University of Calgary - Werklund School of EducationLanguageCalgaryN403-
13 week ESL Semester ProgramsUniversity of Calgary English Language ProgramLanguageCalgaryN403-
Disability ServicesVecovaSupport ServicesCalgaryNT: 403-284-1121
Women in Need SocietyEmploymentCalgaryN403-255-5102
YMCA Achievement Program (YMAP)YMCA CalgaryChildren and YouthCalgaryN403-241-4605
LINCYMCA Calgary – North
LINCYMCA Calgary – South
Canadian Employment SkillsYWCA of
LINC Full TimeYWCA of CalgaryLanguageCalgaryN403- 750
LINC Part-Time DayYWCA of CalgaryLanguageCalgaryN403- 750
LINC Part-Time EveningYWCA of CalgaryLanguageCalgaryN403- 750
Job Placement AssistanceAcademy of LearningEmploymentEdmontonJob Search and PreparationN1-855-978-3988
English SuccessAcademy of LearningLanguageEdmontonESL ClassesN(780)
WorkshopsAccés EmploiEmploymentEdmontonJob Search and PreparationN780.490.6975
Toll free: 1.866.490.6999
New Immigrants and Refugee Youth Day CampsAction for Healthy Communities (AHC)Children and YouthEdmontonAfterschool ProgrammingN
Community-Based BridgesAction for Healthy Communities (AHC)CommunityEdmontonBridging to Public ServicesN
Capacity Building for Ethno-Cultural OrganizationsAction for Healthy Communities (AHC)CommunityEdmontonCivic EngagementN
ApprenticeshipAlberta Apprenticeship and Industry TrainingEmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN1-800-248-4823
Professional Development Program (PDP)Alberta Association of ArchitectsEmploymentEdmontonTraining and CertificationN(780) 432-0224 Ext: 218
LAREAlberta Association of Landscape ArchitectsEmploymentEdmontonBridging ProgramsN(780) 435-9902
Power Engineer's Certification ProgramAlberta Boiler Safety AssociationEmploymentEdmontonTraining and CertificationN(780) 437-9100
Information for RefugeesAlberta Health Services (AHS)CommunityEdmontonBridging to Public ServicesNPhone: 780-342-2000
Toll free: 1-888-342-2471
New Canadians' ClinicAlberta Health Services (AHS)HealthEdmontonHealthN
Employment, Training and Career Services DirectoryAlberta Human Services - Alberta WorksEmploymentEdmontonJob Search and PreparationN1-877-644-9992
In-Training ProgramAlberta Institute of AgrologistsEmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN1-855-435-0606 and 780-435-0606
Insurance EducationAlberta Insurance CouncilEmploymentEdmontonTraining and CertificationN(403) 233-2929
Get Prepared for the WorkforceAlberta International CollegeEmploymentEdmontonJob Search and PreparationN587-524-5644
Academic Oriented Bridging
(AOB) Program - Full Time
Alberta International CollegeLanguageEdmontonAcademic Bridging/Upgrading/Adult Basic
Careers in Land SurveyingAlberta Land SurveyorsEmploymentEdmontonJob Search and PreparationN780-429-8805
Community PlanningAlberta Network of Immigrant WomenCommunityEdmontonCivic EngagementN403.262.8040
Capacity AlbertaAlberta Network of Immigrant WomenEmploymentEdmontonBridging ProgramsN403.262.8040
Mentoring ProgramAlberta Society of Professional BiologistsEmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN
Mentorship Program (Excelerator)Alberta Women EntrepreneursEmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN1-800-713-3558
Workshops and Courses to Improve Safety & CommunicationAlberta Workforce Essential Skills SocietyEmploymentEdmontonTraining and CertificationN1-403-865-0944
Newcomer's ClubASSIST Community Services CentreCommunityEdmontonCommunity ConnectionsY(780) 429-3111
Job PlacementASSIST Community Services CentreEmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsY(780) 429-3111
Citizenship Test PreparationASSIST Community Services CentreLanguageEdmontonSpecific Language SkillsY(780) 429-3111 ext 320
(780) 429-3111 ext 433
Front Counter ServicesASSIST Community Services CentreSettlementEdmontonInformation and OrientationY(780) 429-3111
Mental Health CounsellingASSIST Community Services CentreHealthEdmontonCounsellingY(780) 429- 3111 Ext. 312
Legal CounsellingASSIST Community Services CentreSupport ServicesEdmontonLegal ServicesY(780) 429-3111
Job BoardAssociation of Professional Engineers, and GeoscientistsEmploymentEdmontonJob Search and PreparationN403-262-7714 and 888-262-3688
Mentoring PartnershipsAssociation of Science & Engineering Tech. Professionals of AlbertaEmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN780.425.0626
Professional DevelopmentAssociation of the Chemical Professionals of AlbertaEmploymentEdmontonTraining and CertificationN780-413-0004
Education and Career PlanningAthabasca UniversityEmploymentEdmontonTraining and CertificationN(780) 675-6725
English Language Proficiency ProgramAthabasca UniversityLanguageEdmontonAcademic Bridging/Upgrading/Adult Basic EducationN1-604-860-4608 /
Employment Services (Casual Labour)Bissell CentreEmploymentEdmontonJob Search and PreparationN780-423-2285
Water Wings Employment Readiness and Upgrading programBoyle Street Community ServicesEmploymentEdmontonJob Search and PreparationN(780) 424-4106
International Pharmacy Bridging ProgramBredin Centre for LearningEmploymentEdmontonBridging ProgramsN (403) 261-5775 and 1-888-415-4968
International Pharmacy Bridging ProgramBredIn Centre for LearningLanguageEdmontonLanguage for EmploymentN(780) 425-3730 / 1-877-273-3461
Work PracticumCampbell CollegeEmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN780.448.1850
Women in TechnologyCanadian Information Processing Society of AlbertaEmploymentEdmontonJob Search and PreparationNTelephone: 780-431-9311
Toll-Free Telephone: 1-844-431-9311
Migrant and Refugee ServicesCanadian Red Cross SocietyChildren and YouthEdmontonFamily ServicesN(780) 423-2680
Candora Employment
Preparation Program
Candora Society of EdmontonEmploymentEdmontonJob Search and PreparationNP: 780-474-5011
Youth Support/Homework Club ProgramCatholic Social Services (CSS)Children and YouthEdmontonAcademic SupportY(780) 424-3545
Cultural Links (formerly known as Host Program)Catholic Social Services (CSS)CommunityEdmontonCommunity ConnectionsY(780) 424-3545
CORE Skills ProgramCatholic Social Services (CSS)EmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsY780 378 2463
Catholic Social Services Reception HouseCatholic Social Services (CSS)Initial ReceptionEdmontonReception HouseY(780) 424-3545
Language and Vocational Assessment (LVA) ProgramCatholic Social Services (CSS)LanguageEdmontonLanguage AssessmentY(780) 424-3545
Cross Cultural Counselling and Outreach ProgramCatholic Social Services (CSS)SettlementEdmontonSettlement PlanningY(780) 424-3545
Cours de préparation à la citoyenneté canadienneCentre d’accueil et d’établissement du nord de l’AlbertaCommunityEdmontonCivic EngagementN1 (780) 669-6004
Interprétation et traductionCentre d’accueil et d’établissement du nord de l’AlbertaLanguageEdmontonInterpretation and TranslationN3 (780) 669-6004
Le counseling de soutienCentre d’accueil et d’établissement du nord de l’AlbertaSettlementEdmontonSettlement PlanningN4 (780) 669-6004
CPA Alberta MentorshipCertified General Accountants of AlbertaEmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN780-424-7391, or toll free 1-800-232-9406.
Pre-employment Training ProgramChanging Together: A Centre
for Immigrant Women
EmploymentEdmontonJob Search and PreparationY(780) 421-0175
Basic Computer CourseChanging Together: A Centre
for Immigrant Women
LanguageEdmontonComputer ClassesY(780)
Bi-cultural ParentingChanging Together: A Centre
for Immigrant Women
Children and YouthEdmontonFamily ServicesY(780)
Child, Youth & Family ProgramsCity of EdmontonChildren and YouthEdmontonFamily ServicesN780-944-7421
Clear CommunicationsClear CommunicationsEmploymentEdmontonBridging ProgramsN780.469.2456
English Accent and PronunciationClear CommunicationsLanguageEdmontonSpecific Language SkillsN(780)
English for Academic PurposesConcordia University of EdmontonLanguageEdmontonGeneral ESLN(780) 378-8440
Cultural Connections Institute
(CCI) – General ESL Beginner
to Advanced Levels
Cultural Connections Institute -
The Learning Exchange
LanguageEdmontonGeneral ESLN(780)
Architectural CAD Technician DiplomaDigital SchoolEmploymentEdmontonTraining and CertificationNPhone: (780) 414-0200
Toll Free: 1-877-414-0200
Online Course ResourceeCampus AlbertaEmploymentEdmontonTraining and CertificationN
Internship programECO CanadaEmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN403-233-0748 and 1-800-890-1924
Afterschools programsEdmonton Catholic SchoolsChildren and YouthEdmontonAfterschool ProgrammingN780 441-6000
Full-Time Day LINC Program – One World…One Centre LINC ProgramEdmonton Catholic SchoolsLanguageEdmontonLINCN(780)
Crisis-CounsellingEdmonton Catholic SchoolsHealthEdmontonCounsellingN780 441-6000
Learning English OnlineEdmonton English SchoolLanguageEdmontonSpecific Language SkillsN(780)
Youth Mentoring ServicesEdmonton Immigrant Services Association (EISA)Children and YouthEdmontonMentoringY780-474-8445 (Ext. 232)
Library Settlement ServicesEdmonton Immigrant Services Association (EISA)CommunityEdmontonBridging to Public ServicesY780-474-8445 (ext. 226)
Youth Mentoring ServicesEdmonton Immigrant Services Association (EISA)EmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsY780.474.8445
Adult EAL Level 2/3Edmonton Immigrant Services Association (EISA)LanguageEdmontonGeneral ESLY(780)
Commissioner for Oaths ServicesEdmonton Immigrant Services Association (EISA)Support ServicesEdmontonLegal ServicesY 780-474-8445 (Ext. 231)
Information, Referrals and OrientationsEdmonton Immigrant Services Association (EISA)SettlementEdmontonInformation and OrientationY780.474.8445
Saturday Youth Programming
Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN)Children and YouthEdmontonAcademic SupportY780-424-7709
Capacity Building
Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN)CommunityEdmontonCommunity ConnectionsY780-424-7709
CAREER & EMPLOYMENT SERVICESEdmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN)EmploymentEdmontonJob Search and PreparationY780-421-7400
Community EAL English
Language Class
Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN)LanguageEdmontonGeneral ESLY(780)
Centre for Survivors of Torture and Trauma
Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN)HealthEdmontonMental HealthY780-424-7709
Settlement Counselling and SupportEdmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN)SettlementEdmontonSettlement PlanningY780-424-7709
MentorshipEdmonton Multicultural CoalitionEmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN780-760-1973
Advice and GuidanceEdmonton Multicultural CoalitionEmploymentEdmontonJob Search and PreparationN780-760-1973
Newcomer's GuideEdmonton Newcomer's GuideCommunityEdmontonBridging to Public ServicesN780-496-5618
Newcomers to CanadaEdmonton Public LibraryCommunityEdmontonBridging to Public ServicesN
Event CalendarEdmonton Public LibraryEmploymentEdmontonTraining and CertificationN780-496-7000
NEW TO EDMONTONEdmonton Public SchoolsCommunityEdmontonBridging to Public ServicesN780-429-8000
Full-Time Intensive ESL English (ESL5D)Edmonton Public SchoolsLanguageEdmontonGeneral ESLN(780)
Full-Time LINC Program (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada)Edmonton Public SchoolsLanguageEdmontonLINCN(780)
Full-Time LINC with Child-Minding (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada)Edmonton Public SchoolsLanguageEdmontonLINCN(780)
Part-Time Evening LINC Program, Mill WoodsEdmonton Public SchoolsLanguageEdmontonLINCN(780)
Cool School, (ESL) English as a Second
Language for Grades 7–9
Edmonton Public SchoolsLanguageEdmontonSpecific Language SkillsN(780)
Cool School, (ESL) English as a Second
Language for Grades K–6
Edmonton Public SchoolsLanguageEdmontonSpecific Language SkillsN(780)
Gateways to Employment (AFEGE)Edmonton Public SchoolsLanguageEdmontonSpecific Language SkillsN(780)
STEP Program (Secondary Transitional
English Program) (ESL5D)
Edmonton Public SchoolsLanguageEdmontonSpecific Language SkillsN(780)
Career Mentorship ProgramEdmonton Region Immigrant Employment CouncilEmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN780–497-8866
Calgary and Regional Court ProgramsElizabeth Fry Society of CalgarySupport ServicesEdmontonLegal ServicesN403.294.0737 x224
Calgary Awareness Programs for ImmigrantsElizabeth Fry Society of CalgarySupport ServicesEdmontonLegal ServicesN403.294.0737 x224
Legal Information ProgramElizabeth Fry Society of CalgarySupport ServicesEdmontonLegal ServicesN403.294.0737 x224
Employment Services ProgramElizabeth Fry Society of EdmontonEmploymentEdmontonJob Search and PreparationN(780) 784-2207
English as a Second Language (4 skills):
IELTS, TOEFL, CAEL, and CELPIP exam preparation classes
English Training CenterLanguageEdmontonSpecific Language SkillsN(780)
moMENTumFuturpreneur CanadaEmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN403 265 2923
Newcomer Offering (Financing + Mentoring)Futurpreneur CanadaEmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN403 265 2923
Spin Master
Innovation Fund
Futurpreneur CanadaEmploymentEdmontonSelf-EmploymentN403 265 2923
Technical TrainingGlobal Innovative CampusEmploymentEdmontonTraining and CertificationNToll Free: 1(888) - 384 - 4863
Phone: 780 - 328 - 2580
Workplace Essential Skills for Written CommunicationGlobal Innovative CampusLanguageEdmontonLanguage for EmploymentN(780) 328-2580 (ext 111);
Getting Ready to Work: Written
Communication for Job Seekers
Global Innovative CampusLanguageEdmontonSpecific Language SkillsN(780) 328-2580 (ext. 111);
Making Yourself Clear: Stress, Rhythms
and Intonation in Canadian Pronunciation
Global Innovative CampusLanguageEdmontonSpecific Language SkillsN(780) 328-2580 (ext. 111);
Professional Engineer Exam PreparationGlobal Innovative CampusLanguageEdmontonSpecific Language SkillsN(780) 328-2580 (ext. 111);
ESL for Internationally Educated
Global Innovative CampusLanguageEdmontonLanguage for EmploymentN(780) 328-2580 (ext. 111);
Technical Presentations for
Engineers and Technical Trades
Global Innovative CampusLanguageEdmontonLanguage for EmploymentN(780) 328-2580 (ext. 111);
Technical Report Writing for EngineersGlobal Innovative CampusLanguageEdmontonLanguage for EmploymentN(780) 328-2580 (ext. 111);
Continuing EducationGrant MacEwan UniversityEmploymentEdmontonTraining and CertificationN1-888-497-4622
Communication Skills for Health ProfessionalsGrant MacEwan UniversityLanguageEdmontonGeneral ESLN(780)
English as a Second Language
(ESL)/ English as an Additional Language (EAL)
Grant MacEwan UniversityLanguageEdmontonGeneral ESLN(780)
English in the WorkplaceGrant MacEwan UniversityLanguageEdmontonLanguage for EmploymentN(780)
Clear Speaking I, II, IIIGrant MacEwan UniversityLanguageEdmontonSpecific Language SkillsN(780)
IELTS (International English Language
Testing System) Prep I (ESLG-057)
Grant MacEwan UniversityLanguageEdmontonSpecific Language SkillsN(780)
IELTS (International English Language
Testing System) Prep II (ESLG-058)
Grant MacEwan UniversityLanguageEdmontonSpecific Language SkillsN(780)
Writing Skills Level I, II, IIIGrant MacEwan UniversityLanguageEdmontonSpecific Language SkillsN(780)
IAF LoanImmigrant Access Fund CanadaEmploymentEdmontonJob Search and PreparationN(403)228-9981 ext. 221 and 1-855-423-2262
Promoting Leadership among women & girlsIndo-Canadian Women's AssociationCommunityEdmontonOutreach and SupportY780.490.4229.
Breast Health EducationIndo-Canadian Women's AssociationHealthEdmontonEducationY780-716-7470
Learning Computer Basics and Intermediate LevelIndo-Canadian Women's AssociationLanguageEdmontonComputer ClassesY(780) 490-0477 or
Settlement CounsellingIndo-Canadian Women's AssociationSettlementEdmontonSettlement PlanningY780-462-6924
WebinarsInstitute of Certified Management Consultants of AlbertaEmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN416-860-1515 | Toll Free: 800-268-1148
Bursaries and ScholarshipsJewish Family Services EdmontonCommunityEdmontonFaithN780.487.0585 ext. 211.
Mentor ProgramLaw Society of AlbertaEmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN1.866.440.4640 (toll free) or 587.390.8462
Assist ProgramLaw Society of AlbertaSupport ServicesEdmontonLegal ServicesN1-877-737-5508 (toll free) and 403-537-5508 (in Calgary)
English as a Second Language
Leduc Public LibraryLanguageEdmontonDrop-In ClassesN(780)
CERTIFIED INDUSTRIAL PERSONNEL (APPRENTICESHIP)Lokken CollegeEmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN1.888.565.5366
Youth Links/National Work Experience (WE)McBride Career Group Inc.EmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN403-777-5627
ProgramsMetro Continuing EducationEmploymentEdmontonTraining and CertificationN(780) 428 - 1111
Intercultural Early LearningMulticultural Health Brokers Co-opChildren and YouthEdmontonChildhood DevelopmentN(780) 423-1973
Intercultural Competency TrainingMulticultural Health Brokers Co-opCommunityEdmontonOutreach and SupportN(780) 423-1973
International Programs and CoursesNorQuest CollegeEmploymentEdmontonTraining and CertificationN780.644.6128
Occupation-Specific English ClassesNorQuest CollegeLanguageEdmontonLanguage for EmploymentN(780)
Apprenticeship TrainingNorthern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)EmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsNPhone: 780.471.NAIT (780.471.6248)
Toll-free: 1.877.333.NAIT (1.877.333.6248)
NAIT English as a Second LanguageNorthern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)LanguageEdmontonGeneral ESLN(780)
TutoringProject Adult Literacy Society (PALS)EmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN780.424.5514
English as a Second LanguageProject Adult Literacy Society (PALS)LanguageEdmontonLiteracy ClassesN(780)
English Conversation ClubSAHAARA (South Asian Humanitarian Aid and Resettlement Association)LanguageEdmontonDrop-In ClassesN(780)
Service CanadaCommunityEdmontonBridging to Public ServicesN
Workplace ServicesShift WorkplaceEmploymentEdmontonTraining and CertificationN780-993-1062
Co-op ProgramSolomon CollegeEmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN(780) 431-1515
High School Academic Upgrading (Full time)Solomon CollegeLanguageEdmontonAcademic Bridging/Upgrading/Adult Basic EducationN(780)
Local ProjectsSomali Canadian Education & Rural Development OrganizationEmploymentEdmontonInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsN780-491-0233
English as an Additional LanguageThe Candora Society of EdmontonLanguageEdmontonGeneral ESLN(780)
Crisis-CounsellingThe Support NetworkHealthEdmontonCounsellingN780.414.6300
Part-time courses and programsUniversity of AlbertaEmploymentEdmontonTraining and CertificationNTel: (780) 492-3116
Toll-free: 1-800-808-4784
English for Academic Purposes (consisting of EAP 135, 140 and 145)University of AlbertaLanguageEdmontonAcademic Bridging/Upgrading/Adult Basic EducationN(780)
Employment Readiness WorkshopsWelcome Centre for ImmigrantsEmploymentEdmontonJob Search and PreparationN780-462-6924
Lifeguard / Swim Instructor TrainingYMCA of Northern AlbertaEmploymentEdmontonTraining and CertificationN(780) 425-9622 Ext. 19622
Girls' ProgramsYMCA of Northern AlbertaCommunityEdmontonOutreach and SupportN780.423.YWCA (9922)
YMCA of Northern AlbertaChildren and YouthEdmontonChild CareN(780) 429-5716
Melcor YMCA Village - Affordable HousingYMCA of Northern AlbertaHousingEdmontonAffordableN780 426-YMCA (9622)
Bi-cultural ParentingChanging Together: A Centre
for Immigrant Women
Support ServicesEdmontonFamily ServicesY(780)
One World...One CentreEdmonton Catholic School DistrictSupport ServicesEdmontonFamily ServicesN780 944-2001​
Calgary and Regional Court ProgramsElizabeth Fry Society of CalgarySupport ServicesEdmontonLegal ServicesN403.294.0737 x224
Calgary Awareness Programs for ImmigrantsElizabeth Fry Society of CalgarySupport ServicesEdmontonLegal ServicesN403.294.0737 x224
Legal Information ProgramElizabeth Fry Society of CalgarySupport ServicesEdmontonLegal ServicesN403.294.0737 x224
Peri-natal HealthMulticultural Health Brokers Co-opSupport ServicesEdmontonFamily ServicesN(780) 423-1973
CENTRE D'ACCUEIL ET D'ÉTABLISSEMENT FORT MCMURRAYACFA Regionale de Wood BuffaloSettlementFort McMurraySettlement PlanningY780 791-7700
Interpretation and translationCentre d’accueil et d’établissement du Nord de l’AlbertaSettlementFort McMurrayInterpretation and TranslationN780-669-6004
Employment ProgramChoice AssociationEmploymentFort McMurrayJob Search and PreparationN780-791-3009
Info- IWIED (Information and Immigrant Women Informal Education)Foreign WINGSE Resource CentreEmploymentFort McMurrayEducationN780-880-0761
Parent ResourcesFort McMurray Catholic SchoolsSupport ServicesFort McMurrayFamily ServicesN780-799-5700
School Counselling ServicesFort McMurray Catholic SchoolsHealthFort McMurrayCounsellingN780-799-5700
Inclusive Education - Student ServicesFort McMurray Catholic SchoolsChildren and YouthFort McMurrayAcademic SupportN780-799-5700
Fort McMurray Crisis SocietyHealthFort McMurrayCrisis counsellingN7807434691
Child Development ProgramFort McMurray Crisis SocietyChildren and YouthFort McMurrayChildhood DevelopmentN7807434691
Fort McMurray Crisis SocietyCommunityFort McMurrayOutreach and SupportN7807434691
Fort McMurray Crisis SocietySupport ServicesFort McMurrayFamily ServicesN7807434691
Mental Health Supports (MHS)Fort McMurray Public SchoolsHealthFort McMurrayMental HealthN780-799-7900
Outreach Education ProgramFort McMurray Public SchoolsChildren and YouthFort McMurrayOutreach and SupportN780-799-7900
Speech and Language Programming (SLP)Fort McMurray Public SchoolsLanguageFort McMurraySpecific Language SkillsN780-799-7900
Critical EnglishKeyano CollegeLanguageFort McMurrayLanguage for EmploymentN(780)
Computer LabKeyano CollegeSupport ServicesFort McMurrayProvisions and ResourcesN780-791-4800
Crisis counsellingKeyano CollegeHealthFort McMurrayCrisis CounsellingN780-791-4800
MentoringKeyano CollegeCommunityFort McMurrayCommunity ConnectionsN780-791-4800
Skills and Competency AssessmentsKeyano CollegeEmploymentFort McMurrayJob Search and PreparationN780-791-4838
Multicultural CookeryMulticultural Association of Wood BuffaloCommunityFort McMurrayCommunity
Cross-Cultural Parenting ProgramMulticultural Association of Wood BuffaloChildren and YouthFort McMurrayFamily
After School Tutoring ProgramMulticultural Association of Wood BuffaloLanguageFort McMurraySpecific Language
Financial Literacy ProgramMulticultural Association of Wood BuffaloSupport ServicesFort
Health And Wellness ProgramMulticultural Association of Wood BuffaloHealthFort McMurrayHealth
Home Ownership & Maintenance ProgramMulticultural Association of Wood BuffaloHousingFort
Translation ServicesMulticultural Association of Wood BuffaloSettlementFort McMurrayInterpretation and
Community Interpreter TrainingMulticultural Association of Wood BuffaloEmploymentFort McMurrayTraining and
CHILDREN'S CHURCHNorth Life Fellowship Baptist ChurchCommunityFort McMurrayCommunity ConnectionsN780-743-3747
NURSERY/PLAYROOMNorth Life Fellowship Baptist ChurchChildren and YouthFort McMurrayChildcareN780-743-3747
Housing FirstRehoboth AllianceHousingFort
Women’s Training InstituteRehoboth AllianceCommunityFort McMurrayOutreach and
After School ProgramRehoboth AllianceChildren and YouthFort McMurrayAfterschool
Soup KitchenSt. John the Baptist ParishCommunityFort McMurrayProvisions and ResourcesN
Youth GroupSt. John the Baptist ParishChildren and YouthFort McMurrayAfterschool ProgrammingN780-743-3980
Wood Buffalo / Fort McMurray Labour Market InformationEmploymentFort McMurrayJob Search and PreparationN(780) 715-0222
ESL Conversation GroupWood Buffalo Regional LibraryLanguageFort McMurrayGeneral ESLN780-743-7804
Citizenship Test Study GroupWood Buffalo Regional LibraryCommunityFort McMurrayCivic EngagementN780-743-7804
Employment LinkYMCA of Wood BuffaloEmploymentFort McMurrayJob Search and PreparationY780-370-2529
Information, Orientation & ReferralYMCA of Wood BuffaloSettlementFort McMurrayInformation and
Supportive, Solution-based CounselingYMCA of Wood BuffaloHealthFort
Community Assess ProgramYMCA of Wood BuffaloCommunityFort McMurrayCommunity
Alberta Health ServicesCommunityLethbridgeBridging to Public ServicesN403-388-6111
Violence, Bullying and Abuse PreventionCanadian Red CrossHealthLethbridgeCounsellingN(403) 317-7194
Agape Learning CentreCommunity LinksChildren and YouthLethbridgeAcademic SupportN403 328-LINK (5465) or 1-866-355-LINK (5465)
Community LinksCommunityLethbridgeBridging to public servicesN403 328-LINK (5465) or 1-866-355-LINK (5465)
Access-A-RideCommunity LinksSupport ServicesLethbridgeTransportationN403 328-LINK (5465) or 1-866-355-LINK (5465)
Community LinksHealthLethbridgeCounsellingN403 328-LINK (5465) or 1-866-355-LINK (5465)
Edenbridge Family ServicesChildren and YouthLethbridgeFamily ServicesN403-320-8887
Work ExperienceFifth on FifthEmploymentLethbridgeInternship/Apprenticeship/MentorshipN403 329-3555
LINC Evening ClassesFlexibility Learning SystemsLanguageLethbridgeLINCN(403)
Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 4CommunityLethbridgeFaithN4033279555
Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 4Children and YouthLethbridgeFamily ServicesN4033279555
Power Line Technician/Power System Electrician ProgramLethbridge CollegeEmploymentLethbridgeTraining and CertificationNl403-320-3323
Homestay Study GroupsLethbridge CollegeLanguageLethbridgeGeneral ESL ClassesN(403)
Interpretation and Translation ServicesLethbridge Family Services – Immigrant Services (LFS)LanguageLethbridgeInterpretation and TranslationY403-320-1589
Community ConnectionsLethbridge Family Services – Immigrant Services (LFS)CommunityLethbridgeCommunity ConnectionsY403-320-1589
Community Connections Volunteer Program – Individual MatchesLethbridge Family Services – Immigrant Services (LFS)EmploymentLethbridgeInternship/Apprenticeship/MentorshipY403-320-1589
Integrated Services Program (ISP) Settlement Support for NewcomersLethbridge Family Services – Immigrant Services (LFS)SettlementLethbridgeOutreach and SupportY403-320-1589
Resettlement Assistance ProgramLethbridge Family Services – Immigrant Services (LFS)Initial ReceptionLethbridgeRAPY403-320-1589
Lethbridge Police ServiceCommunityLethbridgeOutreach and SupportN403-328-4444
Lethbridge Police ServiceHealthLethbridgeCounsellingN403-328-4444
Lethbridge Public LibraryCommunityLethbridgeCommunity ConnectionsN403-380-7310
Read On Adult Literacy and LearningLethbridge Public LibraryLanguageLethbridgeLiteracy ClassesN(403)
Early Childhood ServicesLethbridge School DistrictChildren and YouthLethbridgeChildhood DevelopmentN(403) 380-5300
Counselling ServicesLethbridge School DistrictHealthLethbridgeCounsellingN(403) 380-5300
Lethbridge TransitSupport ServicesLethbridgeTransportationN
Canada Summer JobsService CanadaEmploymentLethbridgeInternship/Apprenticeship/MentorshipN
Service CanadaCommunityLethbridgeBridging to public servicesN
Service CanadaChildren and YouthLethbridgeFamily servicesN
Housing FirstSocial Housing in ActionHousingLethbridgeSupportN403-320-3051
Language AssessmentSouthern Alberta Language Assessment Services (SALAS)LanguageLethbridgeLanguage AssessmentN403-328-4811
English for Academic PurposesUniversity of Lethbridge, InternationalLanguageLethbridgeGeneral ESL ClassesN(403)
Westminster Elementary SchoolChildren and YouthLethbridgeChildcareN(403) 327-4169
Westminster Elementary SchoolCommunityLethbridgeCivic EngagmentN(403) 327-4169
Breakfast and Lunch ProgramsWestminster Elementary SchoolSupport ServicesLethbridgeProvisions and ResourcesN(403) 327-4169
YMCA LethbridgeChildren and YouthLethbridgeFamily ServicesN(403) 327-9622
CommunityCity of LethbridgeCommunityLethbridgeCommunity ConnectionsN(403)320-3051
English SuccessAcademy of Learning Medicine HatLanguageMedicine HatGeneral ESLN(403)
TRANSITION TO EMPLOYMENT SERVICESBeing Human ServicesEmploymentMedicine HatJob Search and PreparationN403-580-3338222 South Railway Street, Medicine Hat
Alberta, Canada
Bridges Family ProgramsCommunityMedicine HatBridging to public servicesN403-526-7473
Bridges Family ProgramsSupport ServicesMedicine HatFamily ServicesN403-526-7473
Violence, Bullying and Abuse PreventionCanadian Red Cross SocietyHealthMedicine HatCounsellingN(403) 526-3048
City of Medicine HatCommunityMedicine HatCommunity ConnectionsN4035298115
City of Medicine HatSupport ServicesMedicine HatTransportationN4035298115
Children ServicesClients Ongoing Rehabilatation and Equality Association (CORE)Children and YouthMedicine HatOutreach and SupportN403-527-3302
Adult ServicesClients Ongoing Rehabilatation and Equality Association (CORE)HealthMedicine HatProvisions for DisabilitiesN403-527-3302
Language Assessment and ReferralKaren Ziemann ConsultantsLanguageMedicine HatLanguage AssessmentN403-527-5062
AcademiesMedicine Hat Catholic Board of EducationChildren and YouthMedicine HatAcademic SupportN403-527-2292
English as a Second Language
for Canadians
Medicine Hat CollegeLanguageMedicine HatGeneral ESLN(403)
EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM SERVICESMedicine Hat Family ServiceEmploymentMedicine HatJob Search and PreparationN403.504.8026
COUNSELLINGMedicine Hat Family ServiceHealthMedicine HatCounsellingN403.504.8026
NEW WAYS FOR FAMILIESMedicine Hat Family ServiceChildren and YouthMedicine HatFamily ServicesN403.504.8026
Child CareMedicine Hat Family YMCAChildren and YouthMedicine HatChildcareN
Community safety unitMedicine Hat Police DepartmentCommunityMedicine HatCommunity ConnectionsN(403) 529-8400
Safe Families Intervention TeamMedicine Hat Police DepartmentChildren and YouthMedicine HatFamily ServicesN(403) 529-8400
Other ProgramsMedicine Hat School District No. 76Children and YouthMedicine HatOutreach and SupportN403-528-6700
English Language LearninigMedicine Hat School District No. 76LanguageMedicine HatGeneral ESLN403-528-6699
Medicine Hat TransitSupport ServicesMedicine HatTransportationN403.529.8214
Newcomers Community Health ServicesCommunityMedicine HatOutreach and SupportN403-502-8200
Newcomers Community Health ServicesHealthMedicine HatCounsellingN403-502-8200
Community Connections ProgramSaamis Immigration Services AssociationCommunityMedicine HatCommunity ConnectionsY
Settlement Workers in SchoolsSaamis Immigration Services AssociationChildren and YouthMedicine HatSettlement in SchoolsY
Computer Literacy ProgramSaamis Immigration Services AssociationEmploymentMedicine HatTraining and CertificationY
RAPSaamis Immigration Services AssociationInitial ReceptionMedicine HatRAPY403.504.1188
Full Time English as a Second LanguageSaamis Immigration Services AssociationLanguageMedicine HatLINCY
Budgeting CoursesSaamis Immigration Services AssociationSupport ServicesMedicine HatFinanceY
Southview SchoolChildren and YouthMedicine HatAfterschool ProgrammingN(403) 528-6700
UnisphereCommunityMedicine HatCommunity ConnectionsN403-529-2656
English SuccessAcademy of LearningLanguageRed DeerLanguage for EmploymentN(403)
Line Cook ProgramBredin Centre for LearningEmploymentRed DeerTraining and CertificationN587-273-0214
Migrant and Refugee ServicesCanadian Red CrossChildren and YouthRed DeerFamily ServicesN(403) 346-1241
Spiritual Life and ResourcesCatholic Social Services (CSS)CommunityRed DeerFaithY(780) 424-3544
Settlement Counselling ProgramCatholic Social Services (CSS)SettlementRed DeerSettlement PlanningY403-346-7055
Resettlement Assistance ProgramCatholic Social Services (CSS)Initial ReceptionRed DeerResettlement Assistance Program (RAP)Y403-346-7055
Children with Disabilities - In Home Support ProgramCatholic Social Services (CSS)Support ServicesRed DeerProvisions for DisabilitiesY403-347-8844
Children’s Specialized Support HomeCatholic Social Services (CSS)Children and YouthRed DeerOutreach and SupportY403-347-8844
Counselling - Individual and Family Therapy ProgramCatholic Social Services (CSS)HealthRed DeerCounsellingY403-347-8844
HIV PreventionCentral Alberta Immigrant Women’s Association (CAIWA)HealthRed DeerHealth LiteracyY403-341-3553
Computer ClassCentral Alberta Immigrant Women’s Association (CAIWA)LanguageRed DeerComputer ClassY403-341-3553
Community OutreachCentral Alberta Immigrant Women’s Association (CAIWA)CommunityRed DeerOutreach and SupportY403-341-3553
Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool YoungstersCentral Alberta Immigrant Women’s Association (CAIWA)Children and YouthRed DeerFamily ServicesY403-341-3553
Connecting NewcomersCentral Alberta Refugee Effort (C.A.R.E.)CommunityRed DeerCommunity ConnectionsY403-346-8818
Settlement Support in LibrariesCentral Alberta Refugee Effort (C.A.R.E.)SettlementRed DeerOutreach and SupportY403-346-8818
Settlement Support in SchoolsCentral Alberta Refugee Effort (C.A.R.E.)Children and YouthRed DeerSettlement in SchoolsY403-346-8818
Evening ESLCentral Alberta Refugee Effort (C.A.R.E.)LanguageRed DeerGeneral ESLY403-346-8818
Connecting NewcomersCentral Alberta Refugee Effort (C.A.R.E.)EmploymentRed DeerInternships/Apprenticeships/MentorshipsY403-346-8818
Central Middle SchoolSupport ServicesRed DeerProvisions and ResourcesN403-346-4397
English for Permanent ResidencyESL Red DeerLanguageRed DeerGeneral ESLN(403)\
Police (RCMP)HealthRed DeerCounsellingN403-406-2345
Red Deer Catholic Regional SchoolsChildren and YouthRed DeerChildcareN403-343-1055
Red Deer Public LibraryCommunityRed DeerCommunity ConnectionsN403-346-4576
Adult Literacy ProgramRed Deer Public LibraryLanguageRed DeerLiteracy ClassesN(403)
Red Deer TransitSupport ServicesRed DeerTransportationN403-342-8225
Sunnybrook United ChurchChildren and YouthRed DeerAfterschool ProgrammingN403-347-6073
Sunnybrook United ChurchCommunityRed DeerCommunity ConnectionsN403-347-6073
Employment ServicesBrooks and County Immigration Services (BCIS)EmploymentBrooksJob Search and PreparationN
Family SupportBrooks and County Immigration Services (BCIS)Children and YouthBrooksFamily ServicesY
Just ArrivedBrooks and County Immigration Services (BCIS)CommunityBrooksInformation and OrientationY
Interpretation and TranslationBrooks and County Immigration Services (BCIS)LanguageBrooksInterpretation and TranslationY
WorkshopsBrooks and County Immigration Services (BCIS)SettlementBrooksInformation and OrientationY
Toddler Time and Story Time, Summer Reading ProgramBrooks Public LibraryChildren and YouthBrooksAfterschool ProgrammingN(403) 362-2947
Resume Information SessionBrooks Public LibraryEmploymentBrooksJob Search and PreparationN
Public Computers & Internet AccessBrooks Public LibrarySupport ServicesBrooksProvisions and ResourcesN(403) 362-2947
School SettlementBrooks School SettlementChildren and YouthBrooksSettlement in SchoolsY
Connecting Immigrant Women from Southern Alberta to Breast Health Education and ServicesCalgary Immigrant Women’s AssociationHealthBrooksHealth LiteracyY
Meals on WheelsCity of BrooksSupport ServicesBrooksProvisions and ResourcesN
COMPUTER CLASSESSociety of Brooks Community Adult Learning CouncilEmploymentBrooksTraining and CertificationN
Little LINKSSPEC AssociationChildren and YouthBrooksAfterschool ProgrammingY
LINKSSPEC AssociationSettlementBrooksInformation and OrientationY
First StepSPEC AssociationHealthBrooksCounsellingY
SETTLEMENT WORKERS IN SCHOOLSRocky View Settlement ServicesChildren and YouthAirdrieSettlement in SchoolN403.604.2377
Community Connections for NewcomersRocky View Settlement ServicesCommunityAirdrieCommunity ConnectionsN403.604.2377
Settlement ServicesRocky View Settlement ServicesSettlementAirdrieInformation and OrientationN403.604.2377
SETTLEMENT WORKERS IN SCHOOLSDrumheller Settlement ServicesChildren and YouthDrumhellerSettlement in SchoolN403.427.1500
Community Connections for NewcomersDrumheller Settlement ServicesCommunityDrumhellerCommunity ConnectionsN403.427.1500
Settlement ServicesDrumheller Settlement ServicesSettlementDrumhellerInformation and OrientationN403.427.1500
Cultural Integration AcademyCity of Grand PrairieChildren and YouthGrand PrairieOutreach and SupportN780-882-7813
Resources for NewcomersCity of Grand PrairieCommunityGrand PrairieBridging to Public ServicesN(780) 538-0380
Ethno-Cultural CollaborationGrand Prairie Centre for NewcomersCommunityGrand PrairieCultural CompetencyN780 538 4452
Interpretation and TranslationGrand Prairie Centre for NewcomersLanguageGrand PrairieInterpretation and TranslationN780 538 4452
ORIENTATION, INFORMATION AND REFERRALGrand Prairie Centre for NewcomersSettlementGrand PrairieInformation and OrientationN780 538 4452
SETTLEMENT WORKERS IN SCHOOLSFoothills Community Immigrant ServicesChildren and YouthHigh RiverSettlement in SchoolN403.652.5325
Community Connections for NewcomersFoothills Community Immigrant ServicesCommunityHigh RiverCommunity ConnectionsN403.652.5325
Settlement ServicesFoothills Community Immigrant ServicesSettlementHigh RiverInformation and OrientationN403.652.5325
One-to-One Adult Tutor ProgramCounty of Lethbridge Literacy
LanguageLethbridge CountyLiteracy ClassesN(403)
Gateway for NewcomersCatholic Social ServicesSettlementLloydministerSettlement PlanningY780 875 9084
Learn EnglishParkland Adult LiteracyLanguageParkland CountyGeneral ESLN(780) 963-7406
LINC Alternate Delivery ProgramNorQuest CollegeLanguageRural Alberta CommunitiesLINCN(780)
Library Settlement ServicesEdmonton Immigrant Services Association (EISA)CommunitySt AlbertBridging to Public ServicesY780-474-8445 (ext. 226)
Connecting Immigrant Women from Southern Alberta to Breast Health Education and ServicesCalgary Immigrant Women’s AssociationHealthHigh RiverHealth LiteracyY
YMCA of Northern AlbertaChildren and YouthGrand PrairieChildcareN(780) 539-9622
Bridging the GapYMCA of Northern AlbertaEmploymentGrand PrairieJob Search and PreparationN(780) 539-9622
YMCA of Northern AlbertaHousingGrand PrairieSupportN(780) 539-9622